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The Red Notebook now Online, Secure and Sharable.  

For those who prefer the convenience of online access, the Red Notebook Project is available as a web application.

Online access

By using the online application, you have private and secure access to your information from anywhere you can connect to the web: via computer, tablet or phone.  Update your files, check medical information, or update other information anywhere, without having to have a paper copy with you. 


Like all online programs, be sure to keep your sign-in and password secure.  Our system also requires an encryption key which you set and record to ensure privacy; we do not have access to your encryption code and cannot reset it for you, for your security, so be certain you retain it.


Sharing your Notebook

You may choose to share your Red Notebook with a family member or trusted advisor, allowing them to assist you when needed or giving them access when you can no longer do so.  Please make sure they understand the need to keep your information secure and private should you share your login information with them.  

Print your Notebook

You have the ability to print out pages, sections or the entire notebook from your online application should you desire. See tutorial below for assistance.  Please remember to keep your Notebook and your access / password private and secure.


Please review these video tutorials below. These will help you navigate the phone app. 

Registering a New Account

Registering a New Account
How to log in

How to log in and out of the portal

About the 30 day trial

What is the 30 day trial period?

Printing a single document from the notebook

Printing a single document
Marking forms as complete

Marking forms as complete or incomplete

Checking Notifications

How to check and read your notifications

How to reset your password

Reset your password

How to print your notebook

Print the notebook
Fill out a form

How to fill out a form in the notebook

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