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The Red Notebook Project -
                   My life's guide to follow in times of crisis.

The Red Notebook Project

We are often overwhelmed by the chaos that occurs when the routine of our lives is disrupted. During significant and often emotional events, we, or others on our behalf, typically are ill prepared to quickly obtain documents or information to help us make effective decisions. Assembling essential information in a systematic way can provide a foundation of facts for family or friends to use during uncertain times. 


















The Red Notebook Project was developed by Dr. Douglas Jewett when he discovered the difficulties involved in locating information and documents necessary when his own parents needed his help. Working with many people, he found the subject of advanced planning for medical and end-of-life issues was never discussed. In order to get the discussion started, he came up with this notebook where you can have one location for all of the information needed for emergencies for yourself, or for loved ones when they are no longer able to speak for themselves or after they are gone.


This is your personal, step-by-step preparation guide to help you compile and organize important information and documents, so they are immediately available for your use, or for others to manage and settle your affairs. You can help those you love by insuring that your end-of-life intentions and decisions are known. Completion of the Red Notebook Project will give you comfort knowing you have everything in order for you and your loved ones. It will give your family peace-of-mind as they carry out your intentions.

We each wish for peace of mind in difficult times. Making sure you have everything in order makes it easier on you when you need information, and it is a big part of the gift that we leave for our loved ones when they need information.

The Red Notebook Project is that systematic process for compiling your Documents of Life. It enables you, family, or friends to be calm and factual during uncertain times.
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