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The Red Notebook Project

"Creating comfort in times of crisis"


Preparation is about trying to create more comfort in an uncomfortable situation - for you and the ones you love. It can be a real gift in times of crisis, like what we as a world have experienced recently.  Organizing one's important documents now allows for loved one to have everything handy when you are no longer able to tell them where to find what they need to handle your affairs.


The Red Notebook is a system that helps you put everything in alphabetical order for ease of location when needed.


The Red Notebook Project includes information on the following topics: 


  • Power of  Attorney

  • Health Care Surrogate

  • Living  Will

  • Living Trust

  • Estate Plans


Contact Lists

The Red Notebook Project includes forms for tracking all critical contacts: 


  • Lists of Your Doctors

  • Medical Appointments

  • Legal Contacts

  • Recurring Bill Trackers

  • Household services

Need help? 


“When I went to the emergency room with my Red Notebook the doctor said he wished everyone had one of these.”  - Max

...(all the virus events)...'reminded us we hadn't updated our Notebook in a while.  We are using our down time to work on getting it up to date!' - Dottie

Every Pastor will thank you for putting the Red Notebook together! - Pastor Matt

"Having my husband's final arrangements decided and recorded in our Red Notebook, we felt free to maximize the beauty of whatever time we had together. The Red Notebook Project (gave) us the opportunity to finish our “end-of-life” tasks and more completely and positively live each day."- Clare

“I am busy gathering all the information I need for the notebook and very grateful that all of the documents will be in one place.....the material is well organized.  Thanks for developing such a necessary and useful tool!"Cheri

Completing the Red Notebook gave me such peace of mind ....that my family would know all the things they needed to know after I was gone.” - Carolyn

"...I had no worries that I was doing the right thing for her... there's no stress.  I've been able to do this & help my family & be here for everybody - with peace -because of this Red Book... so I have a Red Notebook,and we're all going to have a red book, & I told my children they're going to have a red book.... take the time to do this for your loved ones & your family!

Carolyn's Granddaughter, at her funeral


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